Know the best ways for pool toy storage

When the temperature is warm, it means more hours in the swimming pool. You can get wonderful pool experience when you have a collection of toys, floaters and other accessories. While you may enjoy the convenience of these items, same can also cause headaches. Maybe you are facing an overload of toys and floaters and all of those are lying scattered. If you are wondering how to store them for the next splash; these creative ideas for Pool Toy Storage will let you have the comfort of storing everything safely organized for getting those ready at hand when they are needed.

Pool Toy StoragePool toy storage is of great use

Every swimming pool needs toys, floats, and other equipments that provide great fun. Leaving those scattered outside means finding for the next splash will be difficult. Moreover, when these are continuously exposed to the environment, these may deteriorate. So, you have to find a place for keeping them in good condition for a long time. Having storage of toys around the pool lets you keep everything safe and organized for using.

How to be creative with pool toy storage ideas

There is no need to follow the age old ideas. You can have your own pool storage ideas. Many DIY sites are there to be used. Just apply a bit of your creativity and imagination and you will have your exclusive storage. If the weather of your location is rough, you can consider building a storage space under the deck.

Different types of pool toy storage

•    Get a hidden storage: Storage boxes can be used for storing toys; floats etc. You can make great sitting arrangement by adding cushions to the boxes.

•    Have racks and bins: If you can find a storage bin with wheels, it will be very handy for stashing different items. This may be painted or be used as-it-is.

•    Use old pallet: You can mount an old pallet on the wall for using as pool toy storage. All of your toys, skimmers, water guns etc can be put there. You may paint it for matching the pool setting.

•    Organize a shower caddy: Maybe you are having some plastic baskets. This can be used as a perfect storage for small toys. Put the caddy in an outdoor cabinet for quick access.

•    Get a laundry basket: This can be used as an inexpensive storage option for bigger toys. If your home basket is insufficient, get an industrial laundry cart for accommodating extra large accessories.

•    Get float holders: Leaving the floats in the pool means you are risking those blown up by winds. Tie up the floats together with a rope and fix it with a pillar. This will prevent those from flying off.

Organizing winter storage

Winter is the time to close swimming pools. It is vital not to overlook the necessity for storing the toys and other accessories properly. For organizing the pool toy storage one should ensure that everything is dried before storing. The toys should also be deflated properly and dried thoroughly for keeping them intact while not in use.

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